With regards to software development, Dovetail is focused on the best practices in the field of application integration. We have developed the various possibilities that are important to your company into user-friendly components. This allows us to offer you a full-fledged ESB solution against acceptable costs. You only pay for what you use.

Dovetail simplifies a process flow

The process flow helps you in automating the connections of your applications with other applications, both internally and externally. These process flows are normally written in a technical language that requires programming knowledge to understand.

A graphic process flow with drag & drop function

Dovetail offers a user-friendly, graphic user interface, making it easy to comprehend for everyone. Visual configuration is made easier with Flow Designer: simply drag & drop the components in a process flow and structure the desired process from the start point to the end point step by step, without any need for programming knowledge.



Connect your ERP system to the best-known web store platforms, such as, Amazon and Magento

A connection to the digital outside world is becoming increasingly important. You want your applications to communicate with each other flawlessly, but connections to your suppliers and customers are also a must. Dovetail standard offers the most common connections with web store platforms such as, Amazon, Magento and more.

Exchanging information with an API or web services

Luckily, many systems have an option for exchanging information. For example, by offering an Application Programming Interface (API) or through web services. The downside to this is that specialist knowledge is required to make use of these options. And you need integration software to connect all the components. You can simplify this process by using Dovetail.

Dovetail Flow Manager

This comprehensible management tool provides a clear overview of all processes. You can check the status of each flow at a glance. If an error occurs in a process flow, you can immediately locate the error in the Flow Manager.


Dovetail Flow Manager


Dovetail Flow Designer

The graphic user interface of Flow Designer allows you to easily link process flows together and configure them. Configuring components is based on the principle of ‘convention over configuration’. This means that the most common parameters have already been configured for you and that we only leave the custom settings to you.

The visualisation is a flowchart with drag & drop function, allowing the technology to become and remain especially comprehensible. Testing, sharing and putting flows live can be done from the same environment. We work with version management per flow and support a rollback, allowing you to reverse an action in the database.



Dovetail Flow Designer

“Before, we had to change the import method of our ERP system with each new supplier. Thanks to Dovetail, that is a thing of the past.”
Peter Gaastra, ICT-manager at Euramax

Dovetail Dashboard

Dovetail offers a comprehensible dashboard that you can customise to your liking and that allows you to monitor the quantities of data and the frequency of the most important flows. The dashboard tells you which quantities of data are processed by Dovetail at which frequency. The result is a comprehensible overview of your processes.


Dovetail Dashboard

Experience Dovetail

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