We believe in collaborating with partners: you are stronger together and together you can provide a complete solution for the end user. Dovetail partners are capable of recognizing integration issues for their customers and can use Dovetail to provide the right solutions.

Our partners

Dovetail Alliances

Outside our partner channel we also work together with other solid parties. We have entered into alliances with the parties below.

Become a Dovetail Partner

Dovetail is looking for partners among suppliers of software, system implementors, system integrators and consultants.

By using Dovetail, it becomes possible to optimise the information flows for your existing customers and to attract new customers.

Dovetail offers its partners many opportunities, because customers are looking for possibilities for flexible and reliable business process integration, all in order to optimally profit from the current digital transformation. The challenge is to be able to integrate new and existing applications within the existing IT infrastructure and, of course, within the Cloud. Dovetail is especially suited for this, because it is designed for use without the need for any programmers.

By opting for Dovetail iPaaS, partners opt for new business activities and an extension to their existing products.

Please feel free to contact Dovetail for a product demonstration and an explanation of our partner programme. We are focused on solutions and are happy to discuss and find out which opportunities and possibilities you can offer your customers and their industry.

Benefits of Dovetail for partners

  • The iPaaS platform we use is the standard of the future
  • It is the perfect extension of existing products and services of partners
  • Thanks to its attractive revenue model, Dovetail is a business enabler for partners
  • Accessible and scalable pricing, you can start from one integration
  • You can get to work immediately in a private demo environment
  • Functionality is designed visually, no extra software developpers required
  • Design and management of process flows can be provided by partners or the end users
  • As partner, you receive full support from our developers
  • We commit to a co-creation approach; we look for the best solution for your customers together
  • Dovetail has a continuous focus on developing the product
  • Partner programm that provides support in training, sales and marketing
  • Our lead generation program connects end users with the right partner

Do you also want to become a Dovetail partner?

We are happy to inform you about the possibilities


Janshen-Hahnraths was op zoek naar een oplossing waarbij low-code en dus snelle integratie van belang zijn. De migratie van bestaande systemen en de integratie met andere systemen binnen het applicatielandschap dreef Janshen Hahnraths’ behoefte voor een Enterprise Service Bus (ESB).

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