Various data formats from suppliers

You often receive data from various suppliers, which you have to connect within your system. You also commonly receive the data in various formats, such as e-mail, in PDF, in Word or Excel or through an FTP server.

In most cases, manual labour is needed to convert the data to a usable format. This is not only time-consuming, but also susceptible to errors. It also becomes impossible to later trace these acts and data flows.

The use of data within various departments of your organisation

Data is often input twice within organisations, for example during the order administration and the logistic transactions. This process becomes more efficient when the connection of Excel or PDF to an automated order input system is realised and, in a logistic environment, from EDI to XML or from Excel to EDI.

These situations deal with an end-to-end integration with both internal systems and external parties. There are various integration solutions available that tackle this issue. However, these are packages that require programming knowledge, which means you also need a developer, resulting in costly expenses. Dovetail allows you to achieve the same result with only domain knowledge.

Dovetail can be employed in thousands of situations and it realises connections within and outside of your organisation. To give you an idea of the possibilities, you can read some examples from practice at a departmental level below. If you have already specified an integration problem, you can also contact us directly and request a demo.


Dovetail allows sales orders to flow into your system directly. Your employees do not need to input anything manually. This results in 2 FTE that you can commit to other important matters.

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Sales and Marketing

As a salesperson, Dovetail offers you the opportunity to maximally profit from all customer data present within the organisation (CRM data, order history, order portfolio, quotations and invoicing, etc.). You can know all about your customers in real-time!

Dovetail allows you, as marketeer, to directly match the information gained from marketing tools with current customer data. Everyone within the company can use this valuable data and your efforts are immediately measurable.

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Dovetail can file each of the batched creditor payment orders in your financial system seperately. This saves time and thus money.

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Dovetail is very user-friendly, because you configure Dovetail, rather than program it. You stay in control without the need for a developer.

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Logistics and Planning

Proactively inform customer on the status of their order by connecting data from logistic services to your web store. A great service for your customers and it reduces the number of unnecessary phone calls with your customers.

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