Review 2018

At the end of the year it is always time for lists, with the Top2000 for years as the ultimate example.

Of course we do not want to measure ourselves against that greatness, but we also want to share a number of milestones with you. In 2018 we have realized the following:


  • Realized 2 new partnerships
  • Connected 17 new end users
  • Realized a lot of new components
  • Hired 2 new employees
  • Accepted 1 major releases, 4 minor releases, 24 bugfix / enhancement rolled out
  • Set up Dovetail Academy
  • Completely renewed the Dutch website
  • Also set up the website in English
  • Attended 2 trade fairs
  • Application and system monitoring is now completely in order
  • GDPR Guidelines applied both in the organization and in the application
  • Managed Services in order
  • Established a knowledge sharing system
  • Talk to nice prospects who will start in 2019
  • Set up stable and creative solutions with and for customers
  • Beautiful new components made
  • Together we drank about 1000 liters of coffee

We notice the increasing need for data integration in the Netherlands and we are happy to contribute to this. In order to serve the market even better, we are working on a new proposition that we will roll out in 2019. Of course we will keep you informed through our newsletters, website and social media.

Our good intentions for 2019:

  • To position Dovetail even more clearly in the market
  • Extend partner program
  • Continue to innovate through close collaboration with partners Dovetail
  • Drink more tea …..


All that remains for us to wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy and healthy 2019!