Dovetail works via a clear and well-arranged subscription model, consisting of a one-off contribution for the start-up costs (Quickscan, Proof of Concept and first integration) and thereafter monthly costs for use and maintenance.

The monthly costs are scalable and depend on how much integrations are active. Ambitious plans for the future? Dovetail grows with you (per month)!

During the quick scan we make an estimate of the number of integrations that are required to meet all your wishes. With this, the expected savings and costs are immediately visible.

Our subscription model consists of 5 different options, depending on the number of integrations required.

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A complete Dovetail integration solution starts from €250,00 per month


Janshen-Hahnraths was op zoek naar een oplossing waarbij low-code en dus snelle integratie van belang zijn. De migratie van bestaande systemen en de integratie met andere systemen binnen het applicatielandschap dreef Janshen Hahnraths’ behoefte voor een Enterprise Service Bus (ESB).

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